San Diego

My family absolutely loves to visit San Diego. The rolling hills, beaches, and cooler weather draws us back whenever the budget allows. I also love looking at all the tropical plants. I have a heart for beautiful green foliage.

These purple flowers look like they belong in Dr. Seuss’ world and I love them!

My husband jokes that watching the kids roll around on the beach for the first time is like watching cows being let out to pasture.

Look at that happy child! 🙂

The cool weather is a welcome relief from the hot desert sun and kids being cooped up all summer. When the trip comes to an end I feel a slight panic rising as I wonder:

“ What will these children do now?!”

Our vacation was well balanced between activities and rest. Well, at least for me (shout out to the husband for watching the kids so I can take a nap woop woop! Thanks love:) ) We stayed at an air bnb within walking distance of the beach. The distance was extremely convenient. In the mornings we would take the kids to play in the sand and I’d get my sketching in.

After playing in the sand for a few hours we would walk back to rest and eat lunch.

I love sopita for lunch. Sopita always reminds me of my childhood . I think of my mama and nane and how we would sit around the table talking while eating our sopita. My nane always had to eat hers with a salad. It’s something I caught onto now that I’m getting older. Carbs seem to be sticking to me like gum these days.

Our adventures included: kayaking, touring the Star of India, eating ice cream, and visiting with family we haven’t seen in a really long time.

Kayaking was my favorite family activity. Which was surprising because I’m not naturally an adventurous woman. I have to work really hard to be brave. Being the Captain of my kayak boosted my confidence. The water was peaceful and the air crisp. I could go wherever I wanted. The bear rode shotgun with his life vest as I sat in the back paddling us around the bay. Sweat was starting to drip down my nose when the bear told me he needed a word with his dad. I could see my husbands kayak drifting further and further away from us; a speck on the horizon . I mustered up all the upper body strength I had to catch up. What did my precious four year old want to say?


Raspberries. He wanted to blow raspberries. The lesson I learned from this come from the wise words of Dwight Shrute “Some things just aren’t worth doing”.

The Star of India comes in at a close second.

According to sdmaritime.0rg. The Star of India is the world’s oldest active sailing ship and was build in 1863 . You can also check out the link for interesting facts, as well as location and pricing.

The ship was stunning. As I walked around my imagination ran wild as I pictured the voyagers that sailed on this ship. The ship was filled with stories of the people and families that sailed aboard. I love stories and looking at historical artifacts. The “Star” did not disappoint.

The boys are super into pirates and the ship was a big hit. There was even a play ship for them to runaround on complete with a compass, a pirate flag, and a canon.

If you have kids that are into pirates I highly recommend The Star of India. I also recommend stopping by “The Big kahuna” on mission beach and having a waffle cone. Get the Butter Pecan, it’ll lift your spirits.

When the time came for us to go home everyone was quiet. We are looking forward to our next San Diego adventure and hopefully the memories made will carry us through summer.

-at least until monsoon season.

4 thoughts on “San Diego

  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic time exploring San Diego. I’ve never been to the US but having lived in Ireland for nearly two decades heard my fair share of amazing travel stories from the friends and family who had a chance to explore its beautiful cities and national parks! If only we could travel again! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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